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Rolla Bolla is the act of standing on a board which is balanced on an aluminum tube.   This act has long been one of the more dangerous among cirque acts, both for the performer, assistants and surrounding audience if they are close to the stage.  The tubes weigh approximately six lbs each and could cause serious injury in the event the performer loses control of the delicate balance and the tubes come crashing down. 


Geddy Pavlovich is a second-generation circus performer who, since childhood, has travelled the world with his family performing in cirque shows of every kind.  He moved to the United States at the age of nine and by the time he was 11 had chosen Rolla Bolla as the act he wanted to pursue.  Since that time he has mastered the art of balance and gone on to be regarded as one of the most skilled Rolla Bolla performers on the market today. At 6’2”, his height alone sets him apart and increases the difficulty of the act.  Geddy balances on up to eight tubes and simultaneously performs tricks, some of which are not currently done by any other Rolla Bolla performer.  Geddy is a favorite act in performances everywhere and loves to interact with the audience afterwards, answering questions about how the act is executed and giving balance tips to curious attendees.


Geddy is available for touring or stationary shows as well as corporate and private events.  He is based in Las Vegas, Nevada and available to travel anywhere in the world.  The Rolla Bolla act requires 16 ft of ceiling height and a minimum stage size of 12 ft by 12 ft.    The length of the act can vary greatly and may be performed to his own music and lighting or customized to fit yours.  Call today for a quote that will meet your event budget needs and exceed your entertainment standards. 


Want to improve your own balance?  Geddy is also available for private instruction in the art of balance.  In addition to being nerve-rackingly entertaining, Rolla Bolla is an excellent way to improve athletic abilities in a wide variety of sports.


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